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What do we do as a trenching company? We like to narrow it down to a term, and as such, you can consider us a commercial renovations and commercial construction company. We are far more versatile than just that, and we like to let our previous work in the field of commercial construction represent us. All you need to do is let us know what kind of work will be done in the building you need, and to what capacity. We can also do land clearing work along with different construction jobs like installing insulated concrete form. There are many details that we can get specific on if you wish such as if we will need to use a boiler rental, or that we can take care of ourselves if that is your preference. Once we know your needs, we can get started with a plan, and start building! We even enlist the help of a partner that provides dump trailers in order to take care of any leftover materials and debris to leave the place good as new once we’re gone.

Hiring construction jobs can be complicated. That said, we have a lot of experience as a general contractor, and know what to look for in our staff. We are confident in the people we hire, and we fully equip them with the necessary safety products and material handling equipment such as Portable Construction Heaters for the job. We have high-quality scaffolding both for the safety of our work crew and the materials to be used in the construction. In order to ensure our pace is not interrupted by anything unexpected, we have all sorts of spares and supplies as well as equipment and machinery. We use our Miller cp 302 welder and automatic girth welder a lot as we work with metals and welding quite often. Of course, it has the proper hvof coating to ensure it will withstand even harsh weather and use conditions. In a standard construction project we have to determine where we will be building, and what the end result should be. You can leave that to us. We work with a very strong partner that specializes in the use of hydrovac, an excavation technology that you may not have heard of. What does it entail, and what does it mean for you, you might ask. The simple explanation is that any Land Excavating will be done much faster than you would expect, and with a lot of precision. Dewatering pumps can also be used to remove excess water in and around the construction site. All in all, it will shorten construction time considerably, and set us up for a comfortable start in construction and building of the foundation. Due to the area we are building in, we requested the assistance of Earthquake Retrofitting Services as well as commercial and residential concrete pumping services, who will be providing the necessary reinforcement to the foundation. The idea is to have a building that will last and withstand, naturally.

With the information you provide we will be able to determine the hardware we require to be able to do the job. We have 4 in 1 buckets that can move material around rather easily to whatever location is needed to build what you need. We have other type of vehicles, both that only transport as well as those with specialized functions. All have gone through an engraving process in order to keep them appropriately labeled. For ease of use and training we take labeling seriously, and so far it has helped streamline our processes considerably. This ensures that even our personnel in training is able to naturally learn what is the different machinery we operate as well as its usual purpose. We of course provide them with the relevant Free CNC Training Courses so they actually receive formal training that will teach them what they need to operate the equipment.

We have providers for when we need to rush maintenance in order to keep going and not lose hours or days. We have quick access to replacement forklift parts for example if need be, and all operators have of coursed received the relevant forklift training course for a safe work environment. This way we’re back up and running in no time. If we require to move heavy or cumbersome materials to the upper floors or roof of a building, we have access to partner rigging services. They can even help us look for a crane rental service or procure overhead cranes or Pharma Clean Room Cranes to use in the project if need be. You can count on a crane operator to get the job done.

We are able to work with any material you prefer, with almost no exceptions. In most cases we will have a partner we have worked with for years, like is the case with our aluminum products partner as well as our titanium supplier. They have spray lubrication systems that help make cuts into metal with great precision which is very helpful in custom home building, as sometimes things can get pretty specific. If you are sure of what you need but not how to get it, you don’t have to worry. Leave procuring the materials to us as well, no problem! Your job will be to tell us what you want, and to enjoy the end result. When we do our work we like to get a portable restroom, that way we do not have to hassle looking for one.

With all the pieces in place, all that is left is for you to see how your building develops, and perhaps provide a bit of your input here and there on any specifics that can be left to personal preference such as the parking lot paving options. For more information on commercial construction visit this site. Once it’s done, get the building working on what you intended, and have it pay for itself with the profits! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to work with us or have any specific questions we might have left out of this short summary.

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"My wife and I chose Stevens Builders because of the quality and fine craftsmanship of their work. They were priced extremely competitively for the type of house and land we wanted, and we got so much more than we could have gotten elsewhere for the same price. I would say that I'd use Stevens Builders to build my next home, but they have already given us our dream home."

Steve Murray

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