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Stevens Builders is a family-owned and operated general contracter that specializes in building custom homes and commercial construction in Maryland. The principals have a combined building experience of more than ninety years, having developed more than five thousand single-family homes, custom homes, apartments, condominium townhomes, construction homes, and nearly one half million square feet of commercial space.

As Certified Master Builders and Certified Green Professionals Stevens Builders hands on approach allows you to customize your project with confidence, knowing that a principal with a proven background in the industry is in direct control of your building process. Building a small number of projects a year allows Stevens Builders to give each project the individual attention it deserves, plus you can be sure we work with the best building supplies and concrete contractor in the area. we even have Portable Construction Heaters when we need them.

Stevens Builders is your homebuilding partner, which means we work together to ensure that your home suits your tastes and fulfills your wishes. Involving you in each stage of construction, such as the arrival of the concrete placement hopper, we would need your help to produce a superior product that has your personal touch! In our tradition of total customer satisfaction, we give each of our clients what larger builders cannot offer – direct involvement of a company principal throughout the construction of your home. The Stevens Builders’ family-oriented operation and style offers the added security of a Stevens on the job site from start to finish.

At Stevens Builders, we know that behind every successful custom homebuilder is a long and growing list of happy and satisfied homeowners. We look forward to making you one of them.

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Customer Testimonials

"Stevens Builders gets the job done exactly the way you want it done. I had extreme time constraints and they monitored and handled everything just beautifully."

Gillian Ward

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