Howard County Private Farm

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What do we do as a commercial builder and trenching company? We like to narrow it down to a term, and as such, you can consider us a commercial renovations and commercial construction company that specializes in prefabricated metal buildings, industrial complexes that require enough space to use equipment like Industrial API Process Pumps, etc. We are far more versatile than just that, and we like to let our previous work in the field of expert company represent us. All you need to do is let us know what kind of work will be done in the building you need, and to what capacity. We can also do land clearing work along with different construction jobs like installing insulated concrete form, as we’re also licensed ICF Contractors.

There are many details that we can get specific on if you wish such as if we will need to use a boiler rental or maybe even a hydraulic truck crane rental depending on the size of the renovation. If your renovation forces you to vacate the building and move some of your belongings, click here for movers in Henderson who have been well reviewed by most of the users.

Once we know your needs, we can get started with a plan, and start building! We even enlist the help of a partner that provides dump trailers in order to take care of any leftover materials and debris to leave the place good as new once we’re gone. The only problem with renting a truck for construction is the lack of qualified drivers in the area

Customer Testimonials

"My wife and I chose Stevens Builders because of the quality and fine craftsmanship of their work. They were priced extremely competitively for the type of house and land we wanted, and we got so much more than we could have gotten elsewhere for the same price. I would say that I'd use Stevens Builders to build my next home, but they have already given us our dream home."

Steve Murray

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Stevens Builders
Maryland Home Builders
4829 Ten Oaks Road
Dayton, MD 21036 Phone: 410-984-5393