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42 Custom Homes built
Over 100,000 square feet of commercial space constructed using the best foundation forms and other top services such as

What qualifies you to build Custom homes?
Plumber – 2 years
Civil Engineering degree from University of Maryland
Specializing in Construction Management
13 years with Winchester Homes
Vice President of construction and service for the MD Division
Principals have a combined construction experience of over 90 years
Access to distributors of any material that could prove necessary for the project; steel distributors, reclaimed wood distributors, as well as other materials. Likewise capable of working with these and almost any materials, woods, steel, glass, polished concrete and more. Also, if you want  Custom painted metal roofs is better to contact a realible company, because it will increase the house value on the market.
If you are thinking of moving from your neighborhood, try to hire the best and most recommended company, that way you will take care of your family

Some of the new types of roofing materials are acoustic panelling products for the interior, slate tiles and shingles formed from composite materials. These roofing choices range from average price to very expensive, and the most expensive ones can last the lifetime of the house.
Able to assist you when selecting a top eco-friendly energy provider such as Amigo Energy. For more information make sure you check current Amigo Energy rates.
Have you ever not paid a Subcontractor? have you hired  an inspection professional like on of the UK certified playground safety inspectors?
No – We have completed all of our projects, and fulfilled every obligation
Have you ever declared bankruptcy in business or personally?
No – The Company is financially strong and stable and this possible thanks some business improvement that we have done, we have put in the work to better our customer care and it has worked perfectly.
Have you ever not completed a project or had a warranty issue that was not
No – All projects, commercial & residential, have been completed. All warranty issues have been resolved, and many times we have gone above and beyond warranty requirements and we sell our houses through Weiner Mobile Estates.

Have ALL of your clients been satisfied? Yes – We are proud to say that 100% of our Customers are completely satisfied with their experience with Stevens Builders. From the most complex job like a crack repair injection in a home foundation to building an entire home from the bottom up.
A storage shed can be used for many things. If you have a full garage or a small house with limited storage space, a storage shed can take some of the pressure off as you relocate your rarely-used items. You could even consider following these First American tips on how to convert a garage into a room. Want an Amish Garage Installation? We can do that, too. Also, check your garage door to see if it needs a garage door repair first.

If you find your yard is looking a bit messy, with your rake leaning against the house, your child’s scooter abandoned in the driveway, and your lawnmower parked off to the side under the eaves. You could try moving all this stuff to a garden shed, that way you can have easy access to all your outdoor equipment while keeping it out of the elements. And just think about how much better you’ll feel about your backyard when it’s all cleaned up! Without the extra clutter lying around the garden and landscaping work can really shine. I always recommend that our clients use organic fertilizer for lawn care specifically, as I have found that it yields the best results. Some people don’t use fertilizer at all which can make things as simple as grass difficult to grow. The biggest benefit I see is that your garden becomes a bit less high maintenance, as the soil is rich in nutrients that your plants take full advantage of. Who wouldn’t want best results along with not having to be out there every single day?

Did you know that you can choose a custom home that has already been decorated and furnished? Some people like to customize their home however they see fit. They will choose the color of the paint on the walls of each room, they’ll go to the furniture store and get specific furniture that will match it and set it up just how they want it. Other people prefer a house that is ready to go, having everything ready can make your life so much easier, for example having the Air Conditioning unit installed, or your heater, etc so all you need to do is move in with your things. Everybody is different, so we’re happy to oblige.

For professional advise and reviewing before building your project, make sure you ask a reputable Party Wall Surveyor and don’t forget to check for your plumbing system before doing any construction, plumbіng іnѕресtіоnѕ are a gооd іdеа аѕ раrt of planned ѕсhеdulеd gas boiler repair mаіntеnаnсе bесаuѕе performing regular checks can dеtесt small рrоblеmѕ bеfоrе thеу happen.
The best and first option for you is to contact some house renovators, they help homeowners update and upgrade their houses. They typically offer services such as remodeling bathrooms and kitchens, flooring installation, painting, drywall and carpentry work, tiling, cabinetry, and more. Working with a home renovator can make it easier to customize your home to suit your needs and budget.

Contact the Lavergne’s Plumbing & Heating company for further information.Visit Eco plumbing for the most Eco Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning, repair, and service in hackensack nj.

Customer Testimonials

"My wife and I chose Stevens Builders because of the quality and fine craftsmanship of their work. They were priced extremely competitively for the type of house and land we wanted, and we got so much more than we could have gotten elsewhere for the same price. I would say that I'd use Stevens Builders to build my next home, but they have already given us our dream home."

Steve Murray

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Maryland Home Builders
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