Top 5 things you should know about your Builder

Mark Stevens – Vice President
42 Custom Homes built
Over 100,000 square feet of commercial space constructed using the best foundation forms. Not only that, we also offer the best foundation repair for already built homes.

What qualifies you to build Custom homes?

  • Framing Carpenter – 2 years
  • Civil Engineering degree from University of Maryland
    • Specializing in Construction Management
  • 13 years with Winchester Homes
    • Vice President of construction and service for the MD Division
  • Principals have a combined construction experience of over 90 years
  • Capable to work with almost any material, woods, all types of steel fabrication, glass, polished concrete and more. Your builder should also be able to assist you in getting the appropriate metal buildings for sale based on your design and requirements. If you need gutter repair, they also need to know metals.
  • Able to assist you when selecting a top eco-friendly energy provider such as Amigo Energy. For more information, make sure you check current Amigo Energy rates.

Have you ever not paid a Subcontractor?

  • No – As a reputable custom home builders company, we have completed all of our projects, and fulfilled every obligation.

Have you ever declared bankruptcy in business or personally?

  • No – The Company is financially strong and stable, we have put in the work to better our customer care and it has worked perfectly, as well we have a very good payroll management system that had help a lot.

Have you ever not completed a project or had a warranty issue that was not

  • No – All projects, commercial & residential, have been completed. All warranty issues have been resolved, and many times we have gone above and beyond warranty requirements and we sell our houses through Weiner Mobile Estates.

Have ALL of your clients been satisfied?

  • Yes – We are proud to say that 100% of our Customers are completely satisfied with their experience with Stevens Builders.

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For professional advise and reviewing before building your project, make sure you ask a reputable Party Wall Surveyor.

As an extra note, if there is any chance you would like or need to transfer please be aware that it must be done with legal advisers, to know more about it please visit transfer property title.

Customer Testimonials

"Phil was on-site every day and he was very accommodating in letting us into the house to see the progress any time we wanted. I would definitely refer Stevens Builders to my friends."

Suzanne Harutunian

Know Your Builder

top 5 things to know about your builder

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